TD-Hybrids wins STW Open Mind Challenge 50.000!

TD-Hybrids wins STW Open Mind Challenge 50.000!

The 5th of november the STW Technology Foundation awarded the new OpenMind grants and Simon Stevin prizes. Three bold research proposals Open Mind won a grant of 50,000 euros. Formic acid as fuel, secure high-rise slums and 3D printing technology for the treatment of spina bifida in fetuses. These three research ideas have been named winners of the Open Mind competition, and each receive 50 000 euro.

Nadia Remmerswaal of the TU Delft developed a building technique which enables slum inhabitants to construct incremental buildings that are durable and safe. Labeled ‘best pitch of the day’, she has taken home one of the three¬†OpenMind grants.


Open Mind winner - slider 711 x 1700 - correct


Finals Tra-Digital Hybrids Winner